Beyond a Toolbar

There are toolbars and then there is something more called “My Search Results” that goes above and beyond the standard toolbar application.  Although we have become numbed by the amount of toolbars that end up being offered when installing other software, when you install and use My Search Results you will realize how much more effectively you can cover ground online when using an application that was honestly and thoughtfully designed to assist computer users, be they hardened internet veterans or novices on a keyboard.

It is easy to get started by visiting and trying their search engine.  You will be impressed by the accuracy and relevance of the results you get when entering your key phrase.

Some users do not like having a toolbar installed without their permission, mainly because most applications interfere rather than help you in your work sessions.  Unlike other applications that seem to stealthily install itself on your system and require virus removal programs to completely delete, you will be delighted to see that this toolbar actually is designed to give you as much flexibility as you can imagine.  If for some reason you do decide to remove this My Search Results toolbar, you will be relieved to discover that removal is easy to perform and leaves no trace of its existence once it has been uninstalled.

Using the top anti virus programs, My Search Results consistently produces clean reports without flashing red warning signs.  Give this nifty little application a try to see if it increases your productivity; you may be pleasantly surprised!

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